Boise Fire Applying for Future Building Funding from Boise City

The Idaho Statesman reported this last week that Boise Fire Department has requested funding as part of a city protection funding program for fire and police. They have requested funding to do the following work.

1. Remodel Station 9 – This would be a similar project to the remodel of Station 4 a couple of years ago. This also removes the possibility of the current station being built closer to Hill Road, and then the building used only for a truck company and an EMS rig.

2. A new Station 5 – The current building is the oldest still existent fire facility. It originally was the home of Chemical Engine 1 in the late 1800’s, later became the first Station 2, and then became Station 5. The current building will be torn down and a new building built on the same site.

3. The training tower – It will be relocated to a larger area. The mechanical shops will remain where they are. The new facility will be in the Joplin Road area.

4. Station 8 – A new building will be built somewhere east of the current Overland Road location and the current building will be sold.

5. Station 4 – The current building (which matches Station 9) will be torn down. A new building will be built at the same location. It is possible that a third truck company will be located there, so the new building will be much bigger to accommodate the larger apparatus.

All of this depends on the success of Boise Fire Department obtaining the funding from the city and what other plans may appear on the agenda of the fire department.


Training Area Picked

Boise Fire Department has obtained permission from the owners of a vacant corner lot located at the corner of Pasadena Street and Owyhee Avenue for training purposes through July 16. The size of the lot measures about 200 x 200 ft. and sits on land used by the State of Idaho offices.

January 18 – Hazardous Materials Incident and Fire on Interstate 84

At approximately 1615 hours, report came in of a semi-tanker truck fully involved in fire at mile post 68 eastbound on Interstate 84. This is about seven miles east of Boise at the Ada/Elmore County lines. The truck was reported to be carry about 700 gallons of gasoline and 1000 gallons of diesel fuel.

Engine 12, 14, 17, 7, 15, Truck 7, HazMat 17, Water Tender 14, and Foam 14, in addition to Battalion 3 and Chief 105 were responding to the scene. Gowen Field’s Smokey 3 (a crash tender) was also enroute. Engine 11 responded with personnel to pick up the water tender and the foam truck. However, mechanical difficulties with FOAM 14 resulted in delay of that unit.

Brush rigs were dispatched also to aid in laying foam onto the fire. It was unknown if there was an occupant in the vehicle at the time of the fire, but observers at the scene told the command officers that the driver had escaped the vehicle. There was no belief that there were any other occupants in the truck. Smokey 3 was used to engage the turret nozzle to shoot foam onto the fire. Command asked for calculations for burn-down time for 1700 gallons of fuel to see how long the fire would burn if left alone.

A fire investigator was dispatched to the scene at 1640 hours. Engine 7 took on the initial attack. Battalion 3 positioned at the fire attack scene. Engine 12 comprised the staging area. Command requested assistance from ITD and noted that there was significant damaged to the entire roadway. They noted that the eastbound portions of the freeway would be closed between the Port of Entry and the Mayfield exit (Exit 71) for a fairly long period of time.

Boise Apparatus by Manufacturer

The following is the list of the apparatus by manufacturers:

Spartan/Boise Mobile Equipment – Engines 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,10, Rescue 7

Pierce Arrow XT – Engines 2,9,11,12, Truck 6

Pierce Contender – Engines 14, 15

Pierce Dash – Engine 16 and Reserve Engine 16, Truck 7

Pierce – Brush 9, Brush 16

Spartan/Crimson Fire – Truck 5

The rest of the apparatus are either reserve apparatus, or in the case of the Dive units, water tenders, and battalion rigs and are not included in this list.


All Stations Complete on

All of the station pages on have been completed.  The page for Station 20 has no data, since there are no apparatus stationed there.  Station 20 is also not staffed with any personnel. 

All of the pictures, except for Dive 1, show the current Boise Fire Department logo, which was introduced at the beginning of the year.  The following is a list of the Stations and the apparatus stationed in them as of August 29, 2012:

Station 1:  Engine 1, Dive 1, Dive 2, ATV1, and Battalion 1

Station 2:  Engine 2, Brush 2, and Reserve Engine 2

Station 3:  Engine 3

Station 4:  Engine 4 and Battalion 4

Station 5:  Engine 5 and Truck 5

Station 6:  Engine 6, Truck 6, and Reserve Truck 6

Station 7:  Engine 7, Truck 7, Rescue 7, Tech Rescue 7, and Old 13

Station 8:  Engine 8

Station 9:  Engine 9 and Brush 9

Station 10: Engine 10 and Reserve Engine 10

Station 11:  Engine 11

Station 12:  Engine 12 and Brush 12

Station 13: Not built

Station 14:  Engine 14, Water Tender 14, Brush 14, Foam 14, and HazCom 14

Station 15:  Engine 15 and Brush 15

Station 16:  Engine 16, Brush 16, Water Tender 16, Reserve Engine 16, and ATV2

Station 17: Engine 17, HazMat 17, and Battalion 3

Station 18: Not staffed, but Reserve Truck 5 is stored there.

Station 19:  Smokey 7, Smokey 9, and Smokey 10

Station 20: Not staffed

Structure Fire at Key Bank in Downtown Boise

Engines 5,1,2,3,7,8, Trucks 5,6,7, and Battalions 1,2,and 3 were called to a report of a structure fire at the Key Bank building at 702 West Idaho Street in downtown Boise. Police arrived shortly after the dispatch from the Fire Department shortly after 4:00 p.m. to find flames showing from the building from the second floor on the southeast side of the building. Engine 5 confirmed this when they arrived on scene.

The fire was determined to have started in a planter box on the third floor, though how the fire started remains unknown. The fire was extinguished in about 20 minutes, with minor damages to the interior of the building.